Hump day story time!

“Come over,” she said as I looked down at my phone. My thoughts were racing. Was it finally going to be my time to submit and serve to a real Domme. I quickly got dressed. All black stockings, skirt, and shirt just like she had ordered. I grabbed my keys off of the hanger by... Continue Reading →


Femdom 101

What is Femdom? Femdom (female dominance) is when a female is the dominant parter or top partner in (but not limited to) BDSM scenes or relationships. Femdom does not just have to be about sex or sexual acts. Many female dominants engage in lifestyle domination. This can be as simple as their submissive ordering take... Continue Reading →

Chastity 101

Originally, chastity was forced on women in order to save their virginity until marriage. Today, some men and women like to give up control to delay orgasms or participate in orgasm denial. While Chastity denies you of orgasms it can also help you focus more so on your partners needs. What is a Chastity device? For... Continue Reading →

Your toys and lubes!

We take safety very highly and want you guys to always do what's right for your body. So here's our guide to which lubes are safe for your toys and what you can clean them with! Silicone toys are best used with water-based lubricants. They’re also compatible with oil-based lubes, though those can be exceptionally... Continue Reading →

Hello Old Friend

It was Wednesday, just like any other Wednesday. I walked in and noticed that my clothes had been gone though. Very roughly I may add. Undergarments and shoes thrown about the room as if a tornado had came through. I slowly walked through the house picking everything up piece by piece. “This is strange,” I... Continue Reading →

What you don’t know Brats

Brats are a role in BDSM that are often hell-bent on driving you mental. They will push every button you have, just to get a reaction out of you. Lately I've seen this regarded as a bad thing, and I'm going to explain why it isn't. The first thing people misconstrue is what bratting is.... Continue Reading →

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